Purchasing and procurement optimisation

Presentation of procurement optimization in the VANA SRM



You are looking for a solution that will meet your purchasing and supply chain optimization strategy ? Look no further, we have developed VANA!

Your company’s results are closely linked to your purchasing and supply chain departments performance. Purchasing and procurement are playing a strategic role even more in the current context. hey must respond in a synchronized way to the risks posed by health crises, territorial conflicts, shortages and inflation on stocks and the supply chain and apply the strategy defined on the purchases.. In that addition, competition is increasing and BtoB and BtoC consumers are changing their buying habits.

Our purchasing and supply optimization decision support functionality will allow you to maintain and improve your competitive advantage, whether your are a manufacturer or a distributor. Based on real-time inventory tracking, AI sales prediction and purchasing recommendations. VANA offers you the opportunity to go one step further by optimizing your purchases and therefore your supply chain according to your strategy.

*Artificial Intelligence





VANA will enable purchasing and procurement departments to achieve their objectives. More often, this means determining the best products from a selection of suppliers at the best price and available in the best timeframe. The purchasing optimization functionality will complement the purchasing recommendations to allow you to increase your profibatility with each order.


What are the benefits of that strategy for you business ?


Stock rotation

The challenge of reducing out-of stocks, and sleeping stock is possible through a more virtuous orders management. This will result in a better inventory management.

Reduction of delivery times

With VANA’s supplier scoring data, in addition to the theoretical delivery time, you get the average delivery time observed. With the qualified data, the risk of a delay on the production line or for the final customer, is reduced.

Controlling purchasing costs

The expertise of your suppliers and buyers coupled with VANA’s intelligent optimization functionality will increase your margin.


As you can seen, optimizing orders will have an undeniable impact on your internal teams as well as on your customers. Your brand image will be reinforced.








Depending on your purchasing and supply policy, each order can be optimized according to predefined completion scenarios. Each scenario is optimized by our Synergy Artificial Intelligence.

Synergy integrates Machine Learning and Deep Learning that will allow it to propose purchasing optimizations based on :

Illustration optimisation des achats boostée à l'IA

  • purchase price : Search for the most advantageous price conditions
  • available and future stock : Optimize stock quantities to get closer to just-in-time management
  • delivery time : Selection of the best carrier or breakdown of the transport
  • End-of-year sales bonus levels* : Place the order with a supplier whose End-of-year sales bonus level is achievable to optimize its back discount
  • CSR strategy and carbon impact : Proposal for replacement by a more virtuous or by less polluting transport
  • Internal transfer : Proposal to transfer the order to another warehouse or point of sale that has some or all the products.

*End of year bonus


Concretely ?


  • You place an order with a supplier and the free shipping is not reached. Vana, through its optimization functionality, will propose you to optimize your order with a product that will be soon out of stock to reach the free shipping.
  • Other exemple : VANA will offer to increase the quantities of the product ordered if an end-of-year sales bonus level can be reached while maximizing the quality of your inventory.

The idea is to always propose you the best complementary product to optimize your purchasing and procurements thanks to our AI engine.. You benefit from an advanced technology to bring added value to your supply chain processes.






VANA Productivity





VANA will assists you in setting up and implementing a secure, well thought-out purchasing policy adapted to your organization, whether you have one or several warehouse or stores.

Within the framework of purchasing optimization, our collaborative SRM takes into account the calculation of safety stock. It is possible to determine whether a minimum stock level has been reached before an order is placed. lways with the aim of making your stock more reliable, thus limiting the amount of cash tied up, and optimizing your supply chain, VANA allows you to anticipate the dates of replenishment and to make delivery times more reliable.





RMANECDOTE : Purchasing optimization doesn’t stop here !

You customer is asking for an uncoded reference? No problem since you can make special order with your supplier and follow it over time.

Purchasers spend too much time validating worthless orders and don’t have the time to deal with the important issues that generate saving and margin? With VANA, it’s possible toautomate all or part of the ordering process with one or more suppliers to make your supply chain more efficient.

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